MEN OF HONOUR: A Young Man's Guide...

MEN OF HONOUR: A Young Man's Guide...


You may have been born a male but to become a man is a choice..your choice. This Young Man’s Guide to Exercise, Nutrition, Money, Drugs, Alcohol and Sex, Pornography and Masturbation will equip you to make right decisions and powerfully aid your transition from boy to man.

While some make clear and informed decisions regarding a few of these areas, other topics are left untalked about, rather joked about amongst young men. Poor decisions can bring the life of any young man unstuck. It can take years to recover ground and can leave you burdened with life long consequences.

Written with the male psyche in mind Men of Honour encourages and inspires young men to take up the challenge to be honourable. Whether at school, in sport, at work or in relationships we must develop our character to achieve success, grasp opportunities and best experience the thrills life has on offer.


“Glen Gerreyn’s unique and widely respected Men of Honour program, captured for posterity in this entertaining and hard-hitting book, fearlessly tackles the often difficult issues that boys face in growing up. Written by one of the most inspiring and influential young men of his generation, Men of Honour is a must read for boys and their fathers, bringing both immediate and potentially far-reaching benefits as males of all ages make honourable choices in how they live their lives. ” - Professor David Bennett AO, Head, NSW Centre for the Advancement of Adolescent Health.

"As a dad with three boys I want to thank you for this 'Men of Honour' presentation. In 12 years of playing professional football we have heard a tonne of motivational speakers. Nothing was as meaningful as this” - Brett White NYC Head Coach Canberra Raiders

"I brought your book 'Men of Honour' and read it and took it to heart. After almost a year later, now I don't feel the need at all to get on the computer, my school marks are better than ever and my relationship with my parents is great"  - Student Age 15, NSW 

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful book. My son attended your Men of Honour seminar last year. Not surprisingly he did not talk about it much but I could tell that he’d taken a lot away. I was intrigued to understand and learn more about your program so purchased and read the book. This has given me the conviction and courage to raise with my son the immensely important and delicate issues of pornography and masturbation so that I can help him with his choices and to keep his commitments. Thanks for having the courage to write this book Glen." - Father, QLD 

"I read your book ( sorry, I know it's intended for boys) but you really are to be commended, the book is brilliant!!! Both my sons have read it ( it was funny, whilst i was in the midst of reading your book, it kept going missing??? only to find it in my sons room or his car. Later to find out his friend also read it. The irony of it all is my son hates reading -but obviously enjoyed your book!) I think it would be valuable for my hubby at some stage to read it too :) I have highly recommended it to some of my girlfriends." - Mum of 2 boys, WA

"I'm 14 and i just finished your book Men of Honour. It was amazing and it helped me understand what manhood is really about. not having a father at home it was hard to learn this type of thing, but with this book made it so much easier! You by far are the best role model to any young teenager like me.  Thank you so much for everything! - Teenage boy, 15 years, NSW

"I finished reading your book and it really changed me for the better.  I
recommend it to my friends and it helped me make informed decisions that I
wouldn't have prior to reading it. I just wanted to thank you for your help." - Teenage boy, 16 years, QLD