Helping young people navigate life

For the past twenty years Glen has made speaking and writing his career. Collectively he has spoken to over a million people around the world. He works with children and parents, high school students, employees and business leaders, sporting groups and community organisations. Glen has spoken at world famous TEDx events, appeared on national TV and ABC national radio programs. He has written five books —and developed a 10 week course to help develop character in young men. Glen is also the force behind HopeTrafficker, a movement designed to remind young people that they can be stronger, brighter and fiercer than they realise.



How to help students cope with change

With the world facing massive disruption, people instinctively seek a place where they feel safe. Help young people to fight the impulse to turn inward and hide away from others. Right now, physical distance is essential for health but you can intensify social nearness. When young people are anxious and uncertain, the process back to business as usual takes time. It is best not to do it alone and this is one of the most effective ways to cope with change.

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How to raise a tough teen

Our world is becoming ever more complex socially, environmentally and politically. It is a world where many flounder, making it increasingly difficult for them to develop meaning or mastery. Blinded by societal pressure and fears, many young people find themselves future-blind and disengaged. Rapid changes in technology, and increased addiction to social media have seen people becoming stuck in a permanent and ceaseless present.

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