THE HOPEFULL LIFE: 102 Doses of Inspiration

THE HOPEFULL LIFE: 102 Doses of Inspiration




My life’s work is about engaging and inspiring people by re-igniting and re-discovering hope. Now, I say ‘hope  ‘and you might be thinking airy-fairy ‘hope’ ?  You might be thinking pretty flowers, and charitable causes? If so, think again. The ‘hope’  I’m talking about is the most powerful driver of human achievement. It’s active, not passive. It’s strong, not feeble. It’s courage, not fear. It’s clear thinking, not disillusionment. It’s ongoing, not an end point.

Hope is tenacious. Hope is audacious.

Hope is positively contagious.

Hope is a one-two combination of belief and expectation. When you experience this positive emotional state it releases neuro-chemicals called endorphins which enable you to overcome obstacles you would not otherwise be able to scale. Hope will take you from functioning to flourishing. Hope is at the heart of every achievement because with hope comes meaning. With meaning people feel engaged. Engaged people take action – in their lives and in their work, and action drives growth, for individuals, for businesses, communities and schools.

I’ve met thousands of people, young and old, across the world and it all boils down to building hope . It is the very essence of greatness, and for me there is nothing more potent than changing someone’s life, by helping them rediscover hope . No matter how big or small the action they take, the effect is mind-boggling.

I have the privilege of spending every school day of each year speaking with high school students. Following the seminars students wanted even more inspiration to cement the new lessons and help to apply them to their life. To do this I created a weekly motivational email. This book is a compilation of the best 102 so far. Each one of these “Doses of Inspiration” is full of hope , renewal, courage and power, to enable you to squeeze every thing you can out of each and every day.

In this book you will discover…

  • Why Fame is Empty
  • Why we think our parents are old-fashioned
  • That guy is not the problem, nor the answer
  • That to die with hope is better than living without it
  • The difference between loneliness and solitude
  • How to overcome depression
  • How to become a forward thinker
  • How to use stress as a tool to enhance your performance
  • Why uncertainty is your friend
  • How to find your 'je ne sais quoi'
  • Plus 92 more lessons for life...


Gerreyn isn't your average self-help guru. The man has cred - his word is close on post-modern gospel. - Next Magazine (review) 

Thanks to you and your book The HopeFull Life: 102 Doses of Inspiration, I have realised just how much I am worth. Your book has personally helped me overcome my anger management issues and helped me through many personal issues in my past. I don't think you could ever fathom or comprehend the effect you have on people and just how amazing and individual you are.  - Year 12 Student, NSW